What is Consoris Capital?

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About the company

Consoris Capital is an advisory and investment consulting firm serving Ukrainian companies seeking access to international capital markets; as well as individual & corporate investors looking for opportunities in Ukrainian businesses.

As affiliated partner of Rebuilding Ukraine LLC we mostly concentrate on micro-cap finance solution for Ukrainian business looking to reinstate growth in Ukrainian post war economy. Our company is based in USA with significant number of our team members located in Ukraine. This provides our clients with opportunity to benefit from our local knowledge of almost every aspect which may have an influence on doing business in Ukraine as well as provides us with the opportunity to address our clients' needs more effectively via direct communication.

We pride ourselves by providing services to the highest level of customer satisfaction. This is achieved by a combination of extensive educational background of our members (holding PhD, JD, MBA, CFA, MS degrees and designations), years of work experience in leading American and European financial services companies & academic institutions and exceptional customer service.

Our Services

For Investors

  • Identifying and introducing potentially successful investment opportunities
  • Due diligence - including risk assessment in the areas that are not covered by conventional audit reports
  • Company valuation
  • Pre - and post- investment project management

For Companies

  • Raising capital
  • Pre - and post- investment project management

What we do

Consoris Capital helps companies in micro-cap, and small-cap market segments with their capital raising needs offering a range of equity-related solutions as well as project finance opportunities.

Acting as Project Manager we help companies seeking capital to understand general corporate qualification requirements, due diligence and restructuring needed to meet investors criteria and receive financing.

In our role as business and investment consultants, we propose our local knowledge and research capabilities to individuals and institutions considering potential investment opportunities in Ukrainian markets.

These services include customized pre-investment study, in-depth market research, legal assistance, insurance mediation services through affiliated specialists.